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Why do you need an Estate Agent? Part 3 of 3

How does a good estate agent sell or let your property?

Your property is on the market and it is getting lots of attention from purchasers. This is now where
a good agent comes into their own.

Showing the property, being attentive to the buyer’s questions, pointing out the best features but
also giving the purchaser the time and space to explore the property for themselves, while being on
hand all the time to answer any questions and if unable to answer, finding out and following up.

One aspect of the sale process is what is called ‘qualifying the purchaser’s’. Are they cash or
mortgage buyers? Depending on the sale and its value, the agent may request proof of funds before
accepting an offer. Generally, cash customers have a stronger hand in negotiating but again it does
depend on the type of asset being sold.

We at Mannix Property Services have a client relationship database in which we book all enquiries
and set up appointments which are confirmed with the vendor and the purchaser. This system also
handles offers, confirming the offer with the offeree, communicating the offer to the vendor and
also all parties who have registered an interest in the property. This process can be repeated a
number of times until the last offer is received and we confirm with that purchaser their offer has
been accepted subject to contract, contract denied (meaning that while your offer has been
accepted and a booking deposit received, either party can walk away from the sale/purchase at any

One misconception that abounds is that once a sale is agreed, an agent can no longer show or
accept offers on a property. We are legally obliged to pass all offers received onto vendors, and it is
up to the vendor whether to accept or refuse, not the agent.

Just because a sale has been agreed does not mean that an agent’s job is done; it may only be the
start of the process. There are a myriad of issues that can crop up in the contract negotiation, such
as septic tanks or rights of way – and it is down to a good agent to guide the purchaser through these
issues and explain that what looks like an issue is easily resolvable.

We once had an issue in a sale with a septic tank; the vendor had to give an allowance off the agreed
sale price to rectify the system once the sale was closed by the purchaser. Problem solved – but it
had to be carefully negotiated with all parties.

These are only some of the services and skills that a good agent will use to sell or let your property.
One thing is very important: be trusting and honest with the agent. It is one thing for the purchaser
to tell you they have the ability to purchase; it is quite another when the vendor deliberately omits
some crucial information that makes the property unsaleable, no matter how good the agent is.

A good estate agent is worth their weight in gold. How do you know they are good? Don’t take their
word for it, look at their Google reviews, check their website for useful sellers’ and buyers’
information. Do they use social media to advertise your property? All the top agents now use the full
range of online platforms to advertise properties and we at Mannix Property Services are no

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