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PT.2 To Green Cert or not to Green Cert?

To Green cert or not to green cert, find out more...

Here is a list of other reliefs that are available to young qualified farmers:
 100pc Stock Relief`
 Succession Farm Partnership tax credits.
 Complimentary Income Support (CIS-YF)
 Eligibility for National Reserve Entitlements.
 TAMS grants 20pc top up.

100pc Stock Relief Scheme

A system of stock relief claimable at 100pc (with no claw-back) for young qualifying farmers
under 35 is available for four years from first setting up.

The scheme runs until December 31, 2024. The cash equivalent amount of stock relief at the
100pc rate which a young trained farmer can receive is limited to €40,000 in a single year.

​Succession Farm Partnership tax credits

This is where an intending transferor and transferee enter into a registered partnership and
sign an agreement that at least 80pc of the farm will be transferred no sooner than three
years’ time and no later than ten years’ time.

Such a partnership attracts an annual income tax credit of €5,000 for up to five years, split
annually between the partners in proportion to their profit sharing ratio.
In total, this can be worth up to €25,000 over the first five years of the partnership.

Complementary Income Support

This measure under CAP 2023-26 is designed to provide support to young trained farmers in
the years following setting up as head of the holding — solely or jointly.

The scheme will provide certainty in terms of the level of income support for eligible
applicants for up to five years.

Eligible applicants who are entitled to a payment under the Basic Income Support for
Sustainability (BISS) may receive a further payment per eligible hectare (max. 50ha) in the
region of €178/ha over the CAP period, though exact rates will fluctuate based on the level
of participation.

Eligibility for National Reserve Entitlements.

Young trained farmers (age limit 40) participating in BISS and setting up an agricultural
holding for the first time — or having set up such a holding during the five years preceding

the first submission of a Basic Payment Scheme application — may qualify for new
entitlements from the National Reserve, or to increase existing entitlements.​

TAMS grants 20pc top up

The new TAMS III scheme will offer enhanced rates of grant to young, trained farmers (not
over 40) of 60pc on approved investment costing up to €90, 000.

This amounts to grant aid of up to €54,000 — an increase of €18,000 over those qualifying
for the 40pc rate.

The information in this article is only to be used as a guide. As with all farmer related
schemes, it is very prudent to seek professional advice from your farm advisor, solicitor and

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