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What home improvements could you make that Kerry purchasers will be most impressed with.

Painting walls -home improvements
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Last week I was in a lovely 4-bed dormer bungalow situated between Tralee and Castleisland in an
idyllic countryside location, great living room, sun room, en-suite ground floor bedroom and then
three further bedrooms with master en-suite on the first floor. What is the one room that I have not
yet mentioned?

The Kitchen, the heart of the home, sadly in this Kerry properties case, it was very underwhelming. It
really surprised me and left me hoping for more. I bravely asked would they consider upgrading?

When it comes to home improvements, it’s wise to think carefully before you make any changes. We
recently sale agreed a family home that we had to make some very simple home improvements to
before it went to the market. Then it sold like hot cakes.

Renovating to a high standard will attract more buyer interest and consequently sell more quickly
and hopefully for a better price.

But be careful of the refurbishments that you undertake, not all refurbishment works will generate
the same return for you.

Purchasers tend to pay particular attention to the condition of specific areas of a property, so it’s
best to invest your time and money in these places.

Here’s a guide to some of the best-value home improvements, including some tips for those on a

Home Improvements That Will Impress Kerry purchasers the most

Start in the Kitchen / Dining Room

Many people consider the kitchen / dining room to be the heart of the home, a place to entertain
and socialise, as well as cook.

Can’t afford the cost of a full-scale refurbishment, well then maybe some consider making some
minor changes to update and refresh the space.

Did you know that you can paint tired-looking cupboards? How about a new work surface if the
existing ones are chipped or marked.

Lighting is so important in a sales process. So, consider updating the lighting. Multiple lighting
sources work best in large rooms like the kitchen / dining room and living room, recessed ceiling
lights (for a warm, ambient glow) and pendant lights to illuminate key areas, like over the dining
table. Bedroom lighting is a key consideration with bed side lamps being a very cosy way of warming
a room.

Freshen up the bathroom

How many dreary and drab bathrooms do agents see? Loads unfortunately. Deciding whether to
refit a bathroom or opt for a mini makeover will depend on its age and condition.

A dated and drab bathroom in an otherwise well-presented home can drag down the price buyers
are willing to pay.

A well-planned bathroom re-fit can change the purchaser’s perspective on a house.
We do live in Kerry, so good quality Windows are a must in any property nowadays

So, if your windows are very dated then we do recommend an update of the windows to improve
the saleability of your property.

Double-glazed windows will keep the noise out and, in winter, the heat in – a serious selling point for
energy-conscious buyers. They can also improve the BER scoring for your property and thus may
help the purchaser qualify for a green mortgage

Double glazing could also help keep down the cost of home insurance (because single-glazed
windows are more likely to get damaged).

If you do decide to upgrade the windows in your home, try to identify the style that most suit your
home’s character, this is especially important in older country farmhouse style residences.

So, remember
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a significant impact.
Renovations should be in keeping with the style and scale of your property.
Keep things neutral so you don’t alienate buyers.

If you’re planning renovations, contact us today. We can advise whether the changes could add
value to your home.
Considering selling or leasing your property? Think Brendan at Mannix Property Services for all your
Kerry property needs

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