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Residential Tenancies (Deferment of Termination Dates of Certain Tenancies) Act 2022

The Residential Tenancies (Deferment of Termination Dates of Certain Tenancies) Act 2022 came into effect on 29 October 2022. This is temporary legislation which covers a set period of time known as the ‘winter emergency period’ (30 October 2022 to 31 March 2023).

The above has become known as the ‘Eviction Ban’

What do you as a landlord need to know

The ban means all landlords will not be allowed to remove tenants from their property until the end of
March 1 st April 2023.

What actions by tenants are not covered by the ban

Exceptions include anti-social behaviour, non-payment of rent, overcrowding of properties, damaging
the property and any other failures to comply with tenant obligations.

What are the new deferred termination dates?

There have been five new termination dates that can be applied. These dates of termination depend on
the end date stated on the Notice of Termination (NOT) as well as the length of the tenancy.
There is one very important point for landlords and it is:

If the above protections mean a tenant gets to stay in the rented property for
longer than 6 months, the tenant will not acquire Part 4 tenancy rights
(i.e. a
tenancy of unlimited duration)

There is full information for landlords on the RTB website, but if you need any clarity
please do not hesitate to call or email Brendan on 086 050 8804 or

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