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Quick Fixes to Attract More Buyers to your Kerry property

Mannix Property Serivces
Quick Fixes to Attract More Buyers to your Kerry property

In this two-minute read, we look at some of the things that may be putting buyers off (that you
can easily fix).

What’s that smell?

Your home is your castle, but if a buyer walks into your property and is hit with a bad smell, it’s
likely they won’t be coming back. Whether you’ve just been cooking an exotic Thai dish, or
you’ve got a whiffy pet, always air your home before a viewing.
Light some scented candles, bake some bread, and be sure to empty those bins before letting
anyone in.

Mess and clutter? No thanks

Buyers walking into a cluttered home may find it difficult to see past the mess. Got a lovely
fireplace? No one can see it past the litter tray and old toys. Shelves stacked with stuff, clothes
on the floor, overflowing bins… the list goes on.

Top tip: Before you put your home on the market, have a clear out. A tidy home makes a real


Now, we all love a bit of leopard print (don’t we?), but if you’ve got animal print wallpaper, a
neon pink feature wall or heavily patterned carpets, your taste might be putting buyers off.
When selling, try to ensure that the décor is as neutral as possible. That might mean investing in
a pot of paint or hiding those ‘conversation starters’ in the attic.

Ugly on the outside

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, the outside of a property is so
unattractive that buyers write it off before even entering. If any of the following apply to your
home, make sure to get them sorted.

– Broken gutters or pipes
– Overgrown weeds and dead plants 
– Damage to exterior walls
– Abandoned toys
– Smelly bins

You’d be surprised how many potential buyers do a quick drive-by before booking a viewing.
An external makeover should help increase the enquiries you get about your property.

Quick fixes

Unless your buyer is looking for a ‘fixer-upper’, most people don’t want to be confronted with
countless issues as soon as they walk into a property. Obvious repairs – such as small damp
patches, peeling wallpaper, broken doors / windows / fitted units – these need sorting before
going to the market.

If there are structural or damp problems that you’ve decided not to tackle, don’t hide them.
Be honest and be realistic; this will affect the value and desirability of a property.
If you want to sell your home, call us at Mannix Property Services on 086 050 8804 or book a valuation

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