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Selling your property need not be difficult. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Mannix Property Service – Brendan

Selling your home or property is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially if it has
been in the family for a long time.
It’s a process that takes thought, preparation and hard work by all parties involved and
should be considered carefully before going ahead. You might be thinking about selling
because you are retiring, downsizing your home or reviewing your finances. Whatever
the reason, it’s important to get independent advice from an expert.
Here are some simple steps that are key to all sales.

Talk to your Solicitor

Your first job should be to contact your Solicitor. We advise asking your Solicitor the
following questions up front; it will simplify the process and save you time in the long
– Is the legal title to the property in place?
– Is there a mortgage on the property? If so, the title documents will have to be
requested from the lending institution, which can take time.
– Do you have a BER? This is a legal requirement for all residential and commercial
– If not be connected to mains sewage. Is the septic tank registered with the local
– Are all Local Property Tax (LPT) payments up to date?
– You may need to prove that the property is your principle private residence.
– Are the boundaries on the ground the same as the boundaries in the title deeds?
Are all services within the boundaries?
– Are there any right-of-way or legal disputes that need to be addressed before
– Are all planning permissions in place for buildings? They may well be exempt or
pre-1963, but this needs to be confirmed.
– Has notice been given to tenants or licensees occupying the property?
At this point, you can obtain a quote from your Solicitor on the cost of handling the sale.

Independent sales and valuation advice

Make sure that you understand what services are provided by your sales agent.

– The best way to market and sell your property (private treaty, public auction or
– The best time to sell your property
– Your agent’s fee and advertising costs

The right agent for the job

When you are choosing an agent, we recommend looking for:
– An agent with a proven track record in dealing with similar properties to yours
– An agent that is professional and trusted, and who you feel will work well with
you. This will make the whole process easier and more efficient, and result in the
best outcome.


Do not fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest or the most expensive agent. Your
choice should be governed by your own objectives and the confidence you have in the
agent being able to achieve them, not by what you pay them.
Trust your agent. They should be allowed to do their job as effectively as they can.

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